The digital age is in your pocket

Our Research and Development / TechLab department

 Has developed a concept of e-solutions for modern companies, eager to optimize their ongoing management of costs and processes and HR, by integrating high-performance digital tools.

The impossible challenge: the tool must be adaptable to the specific structure and needs of the organization, AND easy to use, from the least experienced employee, to for the most tech-savvy executive.

The Karacter Webshop concept is a complete service management solution dedicated to fitting 50 or 2000 of your employees, and the tedious headache  of restocking of  equipment, staff turn-over,  storage of immobilised capital, and the loss of valuable time taken up by the 1000 unavoidable tasks associated with workwear ordering, storing & distribution.

The Karacter Web shop is an interactive and customizable software for internal e-commerce: we create your own workwear store with EPI accessories, in digital format, for use only within your company.

Each employee chooses the restocking on his dedicated personal account on the basis of an allocated  of budget per employee, under rules that the manager/HR initially establishes, also involving a commitment and personal responsibility for the care given to  equipment (maintenance, cleaning, use and maintenance, safety, insurance risks, etc.), and compliance with company own regulations.

Management controls all processes in real-time, globally and individually: the choice of equipment, the costs involved and the process from A to Z. The web shop even provides an option for individual delivery to each employee to his home or bundled to each specific department/unit location. Experience and customer feedback has shown that a significant time saving  and a reduction in HR costs  can be achieved compared to the conventional ordering, storing and shipping systems.

Your dedicated internal web shop is digitally efficient, adorned in your colors and corporate photos, of course, available in responsive format, and therefore usable on smartphone, tablet and computer by all your employees wherever they are.

Our specialized Karacter advisors will be happy to reveal all the advantages of this E-solution, at your request.

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